The new GEISA release was originally announced in 2019, but due to the condition in the late 2019 and during 2020, we had to delay the submission of the corresponding paper. In the meantime, contributors to some important molecules (like H2O) had the same difficulties to deliver a linelist with the required precision, and many iterations with laboraties have been necessary.

Thus, the definitive version of GEISA went online late 2020, and the corresponding paper has been just finalized. Note that to be in accordance with the paper, we have decided to rename this new version GEISA-2020.

The new version of GEISA-2020 is available on-line (interactive access, for all the molecules.

For this version, 21 molecules have been updated (with 12 new isotopologues), and 6 new molecules have been added (with 15 new isotopologues).

The GEISA Team