Line transition parameters : Supplemental Data

This section contains partial or complete information about transition parameters of Earth and planetary atmosphere molecules. Those data were not introduced in the current GEISA 2011 on line edition, but could be of interest for the scientist community. A description is attached to each available molecule (Download).

Molecule codes Isotopologue codes Number of transitions
H2O  (1) 161 162 171 182 16783
CO2  (2) 626 636 628 627 638 637 828 728 838 8284
PH3  (12) 131 20366
OCS  (20) 822 624 632 622 623 10425
H2CO  (21) 126 128 136 146
SF6  (39) 29 30012325

This line list, in the spectral range 9250 – 25232 cm-1, is a supplementary material from Tennyson and Tolchenov (JQSRT 109, 2008, 559-568) to be associated with the GEISA-2011 (Jacquinet-Husson et al., JQSRT 112, 2011, 2395-2445). This list corresponds to water vapor near infrared information generated by J.Tennyson (private communication).
Note that the vibrational quantum format is slightly different from the GEISA-2011 format. The quantum numbers υi are now represented on two digit separated by a blank.

This line list, from Toth et al. (JQSRT 109, 2008, 906-921) in the spectral range 4300- 6960 cm-1, is an alternative option to the one which has been made for the GEISA-2011 update as described in Jacquinet-Husson et al. (JQSRT 112, 2011, 2395-2445).

The supplemental PH3 line list is appropriate for studies of Saturn atmosphere, with widths corresponding to 86.5 % H2 and 13.5 % He based on Levy et al (J.Mol.Spectrosc. 157, 1993, 172-181). The temperature dependence coefficients n are from Salem et al. 2004.
In the far infrared region rotational region (spectral range 17-219 cm-1) this data is originated from a private communication of a common work from I. Kleiner (LISA) and B. Bézard (LESIA). In the region 770-3601 cm-1, the spectroscopic parameters, generated by L.R.Brown (private communication), are based on the work of Butler et al. (J.Mol.Spectrosc. 238, 2006, 178-192).

Concomitant with the GEISA-2011 OCS line list generation (see Jacquinet-Husson et al., JQSRT 112, 2011, 2395-2445 for details) a second database, intended to support remote sensing of Venus at 2.4 um has been created (L.R. Brown private communication) and implemented in the supplemental archive. In this line list, the air-broadened OCS half-width coefficients (initially corresponding to Earth atmosphere) are replaced by CO2 -broadened half-width coefficients, using the measurements of Bouanich et al. (JQSRT 39, 1988, 353-365) in the υ1 band of OCS.

This H2CO near infrared line list (Weixiong Zhao private communication) give positions and intensities of 146 lines in the spectral range 6351 – 6355 cm-1.

As detailed in GEISA-2011 update description (Jacquinet-Husson et al., JQSRT 112, 2011, 2395-2445). The whole original SF6 ICB (Institut Carnot de Bourgogne) line list has been reduced by applying intensity cut-off :

  • 10-24 cm-1/( for υ3 band
  • 10-23 cm-1/( for υ4 and υ4+υ6-υ6 bands

This complementary line list contains the whole of the entries which were discarded.