GEISA 2011 format for absorption cross-sections

1.Header :

The nine first lines of each file define the header describing data parameters.

Parameter Molecule Temp Pressure Resol Ref Nbline WnMin WnMax
Field length 10 7 10 6 6 7 11 11
Fortran descriptor (values) A10 F6.2 F9.2 F5.2 A5 I6 F10.4 F10.4
Undefined values -99999.99 -9.99

2.Data format :

For a given molecular species, each file describe absorption cross-section data corresponding to :

– a given temperature in K,

– a given pressure in Pa (which could be unknown),

– a given resolution in cm-1 or nm (which could be unknown),

– some references.

In the spectral range WnMin – NnMax (cm-1).

A compressed cross-section file is named “xxxx_rrrr_[yyyy]_tttt_pppp.asc.gz” where :

– xxxx represent the name of the molecule,

– rrrr the resolution,

– yyyy the reference(s),

– tttt the temperature,

– pppp the pressure.

Example of a file name : cfc-14_00.01_[19]_216.00_005012.93.asc.gz

Parameter Wavenumber (cm-1) Absorption cross-section (cm2 mol-1)
Field length 13 11
Fortran descriptor F13.6 1PE11.3