GEISA 2015 sub-database on Atmospheric Aerosols

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Due to the importance of the aerosols in the atmospheric radiative transfer, a sub-database containing microphysical and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols, hereafter GEISA-2015/Aerosols, has been added to the GEISA database since the 2003 edition of GEISA [1].

The aerosol data of the GEISA-2015 edition [2] are available from two series of catalogs. A significant update has been made thanks to the implementation of complementary data of two origins: from Massie [3] at NCAR and from the ARIA archive developed at Oxford University.

Database Access : The main GEISA-2015/Aerosols database on refractive indices of basic atmospheric aerosol components

A summarized description contents is given below:

GEISA 2015 Aerosols

Two public databases already available since GEISA-2003 edition:

  • The aerosols database from LITMS[5]
  • The database and associated software package OPAC (Optical Properties of Aerosols and Clouds) by Hess et al. 1998 [6]

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