The GEISA 2015 sub-database
on line transition parameters contributors

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Among the previously existing molecules, 20 molecular species have been updated. A new molecule (SO3) has been added. HDO, isotopologue of H2O, is now identified as an independent molecular species. 8 new isotopologues have been added to the GEISA-2015 database. The main contributors to this update are summarized in the Table below.
The GEISA 2015 line transition parameters archive contains 5,067,351 lines in the spectral range 0.000001 – 35,877.030506 cm-1.



H2O (1)

L. Coudert, J. Tennyson, A. Campargue, S. Mikhailenko,

O.V. Naumenko, J. Orphal, A. Ruth, R.R. Gamache

CO2 (2)

V.I. Perevalov, S. Tashkun, R.R. Gamache

O3 (3)

A. Barbe, S. Mikhailenko, Vl.G. Tyuterev

CH4 (6)

V. Boudon, L.R. Brown, A.Campargue, D.C. Benner

O2 (7)

S. Yu, B. Drouin

SO2 (9)

D. Jacquemart, H.S.P. Müller

NH3 (11)

M. Down, J. Tennyson, L.R. Brown

HNO3 (13)

A. Perrin

H2CO (21)

D. Jacquemart, H.S.P. Müller

C2H6 (22)

L.R. Brown, K. Sung

CH3D (23)

L.R. Brown, A. Campargue.

C2H2 (24)

D. Jacquemart

C2H4 (25)

J.-M. Flaud

HCN (27)

J. Tennyson

C2N2 (29)

A. Jolly, A. Fayt

C4H2 (30)

A. Jolly, A. Fayt

CH3Cl (34)

D. Jacquemart, A. Nikitin, J. Buldyreva, N. Lavrentieva

H2S (36)

O.V. Naumenko, L.R. Brown

CH3Br (43)

D. Jacquemart.

HNC (46)

J. Tennyson

HDO (NEW) (51)

A. Campargue, S. Mikhailenko, O.V. Naumenko,

R.R. Gamache

SO3 (NEW) (52)

J. Tennyson, D.S. Underwood